Friday, October 4, 2013

Get Well Soon!

One of the big downsides to the change toward the cold seasons is the simultaneous change toward the cold-and-flu season! Already it seems that nearly every child at my daughters' school is sneezing, coughing, and generally ailing. I suspect we're in for a long haul this year. Time to get started on those "Get Well" cards and care packages!

Designers Carol Longacre and Diane Miller have made some sweet "get well" cards to get you thinking today, and I have a silly one to share because, well, that's just me.

Carol created an elegant pick-me-up using the "Cup of Joy" set. This card is so pretty with its cheery greens and purples, and the textured white background and soft ribbons also lend it that air of "soothing."

Diane has created a darling pick-me-up using the "Basket of Love" set. The stitching gives this that homey feel that is so important when one is sick, and the way Diane layered the image makes it seem like the teddy is just reaching out to hug the recipient -- so sweet!

And here is my silly addition. I often feel that, besides prayer and a good dose of chicken soup, laughter is the best medicine. For this card, I used the "Happy Healing" set.

I do sincerely hope and pray that you and yours stay well this cold-and-flu season, but if not, well, we have what you need to send a little get well cheer.


  1. That Surgeon General sentiment is one of my absolute favorites of yours!! I need to print that out again!! : )

  2. Oh my gosh Deedee, what a fabulously adorable card! The sentiment just makes me giggle, and I love those papers you chose! Humor does help fight off illness, so this one works! Diane's basket of sweetness is super cute, and thanks for the kind words about my card too! :)

  3. These are all the humor card! Thanks to all for the great inspiration!


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