Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Special Lady

So many of my favorite childhood memories have to do with playing dress-up with one or another of my grandmothers' clothes, and admiring all the amazing trinkets that they had collected over the course of their lives. My Gram, in particular (my adoptive mother's mom), had a love of preserving family history, so playing with her stuff was altogether amazing. Among other treasures, she had dresses, hats, and jewelry from the Victorian era that had belonged to her great-grandma, and while she asked me to be careful with them, I was allowed to try them on and pretend to my hearts content. She would tell me stories about and talk me through pictures of the people to whom these items originally belonged while I played. I believe that time spent with my Gram, and her loving patience in allowing me to explore all her fine things, helped to foster my own love of preserving the past. It was also the inspiration for some of the digis in my shop (and probably more to come), including those in the "Special Lady" set. This set was originally designed for Mother's Day, but could easily be used throughout the year to celebrate any of the special women in your life.

At the top of today's post is a lovely card made by NanaConnie using this set. The fun shape of her card and the delicate, purple doily create such a perfect, vintage-feeling backdrop for the images, don't you think?

Here's one that I made for one of my moms (I am blessed to have three, including my birth mother, adoptive mother, and mother-in-law) for Mother's Day a couple of years ago.

This beauty was created by Sandy Domelle. I love how she colored the boot, and the flowers, jewels, and real tatted lace she added really bring this to life!

My Gram, of whom I spoke earlier, passed away three years ago this month, and I still miss her terribly, but what a legacy she left me, in so many ways. She was one of the original "special ladies" in my life, and I have been blessed to meet so many more since my childhood days. Take our Design Team, for example. Each of our designers is incredibly special to me, and I just have to take a moment to say so. How about you -- who are the special ladies in your life? :-)


  1. What great images to remind us of all those special women in our lives. Nana Connie, Sandy and you all created gorgeous cards with the fantastic images. I'm glad you are a very lucky lady to have three (and more) special ladies in your life. When you spoke of your Gram, I was thinking of my Grandma, who I lost at the age or 97 twenty five years ago, was such a fabulous lady with an enormous amount of patience with me. We are so lucky to have such nice memories of these ladies, aren't we? Have a delightful day.

  2. All of today's cards really take me back in my memory of days gone by! I just love the button-up shoes with flowers, and the doilies and lace perfectly fit with those images! Thanks for the memories of playing dress-up with those long-gone attic treasures :) My grandmother was such a big part of my childhood (along with my dear Pop-Pop) and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the time to spend with both of them! They afforded me patience that I don't think I'll ever forget :)


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