Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sweet & Spicy

"Fall," in my household, is practically synonymous with "good food." Not that we don't enjoy it the rest of the year, but the harvest time brings so many fun choices to play with, and the cooler weather means I can bake without overheating the house. One of my favorite foods to play with this time of year is apples. I add them to our salads, cook them into sauces and spicy drinks, and bake them into yummy desserts. My hubby loves to drench them in caramel (just like the one in Jerusha's card above!), then slice them up to snack on during football games. And of course I eat one raw every day, because I definitely want to keep the doctor away! ;-)

Apples are so versatile, not only in cooking, but in crafting. Apple images can be used in every season, and for so many purposes. You can find them in a few of our sets, including the one featured in today's card shares -- "Sweet & Spicy."

Here's what the whole set looks like. Just looking at it makes me hungry. Must be time for my daily apple! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Now you've done it! You've awakened my sweet tooth after seeing that yummy caramel apple! So cute, and I love the crocheted flower too!


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