Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please Name This Kitty! :-)

I've had a lot of requests recently for digis of the feline persuasion, so I've added a new character to our line-up. You can find him in several new sets, and I'm sure he'll be starring in more to come. Here he is in his debut as "Cool Cat." Isn't he dashing?

The thing is, every star needs a name. Not just any name, but a name that people will remember. Kitty stars need this even more than most, don't you think?  I'm really hoping you'll help me out, because it's been driving me a bit crazy to not be able to call him by name. "Hey you," just isn't working somehow. ;-)

If you have an idea for this kitty's name, please be sure to leave a comment. (To leave a comment, click on the title of this post, and the comments field will then open at the bottom of the post.) You have until Monday morning to make your suggestions, and I'll announce the winning name next Tuesday. If I choose yours, I'll send you a free digi set of your choice.

Here are peeks at this kitty's current starring roles, just to get you thinking.