Wednesday, January 29, 2014

With Sympathy

It is always so hard to know what to say or do to comfort someone when a loved one passes. Grief is a tricky thing, and even those of us who trust in God's promise of a heavenly afterlife can struggle terribly with it. Grieving people often feel isolated, and despite feeling uncertain, its so important that we reach out to them, to reassure them that they aren't alone but are very loved. Something that I've come to understand in my heart over the years is that it isn't important so much how we reach out to those who are grieving, but that we do. A home-cooked open, listening, non-judging ear...a helping hand around the house...a ride to an with childcare...a literal hand to hold during church. Something else that really helps is just to send little notes here and there over time to let them know that you continue to think about them, and that you understand that their grief will take some time to work through. When my Gram passed away a few years ago, I was blessed by the loving, handmade cards that I received over the course of the whole next year from several dear friends. Each one was a little ray of sunshine during an otherwise dark time.

Today I wanted to share a lovely example of this kind of card. This one was made by designer Cynthia Margaron, using the "Endless Beginnings" set. The image and greetings from this set were designed to convey both peacefulness and hope. The soft colors that Cynthia used in her card are very soothing, I think, yet cheery at the same time. The little extra details she added, like the popped up and glittered rose, and the hand-doodling really speak of the care she put into making this. And that's really what it's all about -- sharing some much-needed care during a time of need.


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful post this is, Deedee, and so true. Cynthia's card is lovely - I like how she 3-D'd the flower - a very comforting card.

  2. This is so pretty! I really like that gorgeous image!!


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