Monday, February 10, 2014

After the Rain

We had an incredible rainstorm this weekend in California! The rain just poured down hard for three days straight. Rivers were rising, roads were flooding, and some of us started to wonder a bit if we might need to build a boat -- ha ha! Flash flood warnings were issued off an on all weekend, which was pretty scary. The irony is that just a couple weeks ago, our Governor declared a state of emergency due to us having had little rain for the past three years. This one storm certainly won't cancel that out, but we got so much rain from this one storm that it brings hope that things are turning around. I think this weekend's storm was a really good metaphor for life -- sometimes it pours so hard, one can't help but worry, but in the end, the skies do always clear, and the sun returns. Not only that, but sometimes the storm itself, though frustrating and frightening, turns out to be a huge blessing. Whether we see it in the sky or not, the rainbow -- literally or figuratively -- always comes after the storm!

Today's card, made by designer Carol Longacre using one of the images and a greeting from the "Hello Sunshine" set, celebrates the wonderful rainbow at the end of each storm.  Carol brought practically the whole rainbow into the wonderful papers and accents on her card -- so pretty! And don't you just love the little bead accents on the cloud? This card will be a great reminder to someone when they are weathering one of life's storms, and hopefully it can be a great reminder to all of us today! ;-)


  1. What a sweet image! Beautiful card - love the primary colours!

  2. What a fantastic job Carol did with this one. I agree, the beads are just perfect and give the cloud some nice dimension. Thanks for sharing and supplying us with some great inspiration.

  3. Thanks for sharing my card today Deedee. I can use a little sunshine after all the snow we're getting! I need some "warm" for a while, and the sweet face on this image just warms me all over :)

  4. Yes indeed. It's so beautiful and vibrant!


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