Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Rock

I have come to firmly believe that the key to happiness is gratitude. Recognizing and being thankful for the blessings in our lives -- salvation, family, friends, a home, plentiful food, clean water, clothing, etc. -- goes a long way towards feeling "fulfilled" in life. Still, there are times when I flounder, when I feel insignificant and incapable. In those times, I try to just "be still," and let the Lord be my "rock." I take stock of all the wonders around me, and remember that God created this whole amazing world with purpose, and that He instilled each living creature with capability to "keep going." Take hummingbirds, for example. They are tiny and delicate, but so capable of amazing feats of aerobatics! And while they might otherwise be vulnerable to predators due to their tiny, delicate build, He gifted them with incredible speed. If He would do this for a tiny bird, how much more did He do for each of us?

Today's card share, by designer KT Fit Kitty celebrates this amazing world that God designed for us, and that He is always there, our rock, strong and capable when we are weak and failing. Isn't this an amazing scene that Kitty created using the "My Life is Blessed" set? She really brought the "world" to life around the hummingbird with her use of dies and papers. And front and center is that lovely reminder -- "The Lord is my rock...." Although the sentiment is not one of mine, I believe it makes this card shine all the brighter! :-)


  1. Beautiful... makes you a little misty eyed to read and think about :)

  2. Beautiful colors and fabulous details Kitty! The tiny heart charm really finishes this perfectly!


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