Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not Just a Story

I have always been a reader. I especially love to read about history. I know that many people feel history is boring, but to me it's just about people, and people, I think, are always interesting. Their actions and motivations...characteristics and cultures...well, who needs "reality" TV when there are so many amazing stories about real people to be read?!? One of my favorite histories to read, of course, is that of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you are Christian, I highly recommend picking up the Bible and reading about Him sometime, as His life was incredibly fascinating. In my mind, the story of His life is the greatest story ever told, and best of all, it's true!

The true story of Jesus Christ was my inspiration in creating "The Story" digi set, and the basis of today's share by our newest designer, Gail Scott. Gail put so much into this, and I love the combination of rustic and royal elements that she used. It fits so well with the dichotomy of who Jesus was: the son of God -- the King of Kings -- and yet, a man, and one of humble birth and means at that. Truly an amazing card in honor of the most amazing man! :-)

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